Giles Roadnight

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Personal Profile

I am a highly experienced front end developer and have been working with Flex since 2006. More recently I have started to use Typescript, Node and HTML 5 instead of flex and have been migrating legacy flex applications to these newer frameworks.

I like to develop Javascript applications using modern ES6 standards and use Typescript for transpilation. I also like to develop using a Test Driven Development (TDD) approach using jasmine through karma and phantomjs for javascript applications and flexuint for actionscript applications.

I really enjoy programming and finding elegant, re-usable solutions to problems. I spend a lot of what little spare time I have thinking about and working on projects at home.

I work with Typescript, Angular, Node, HTML 5, Flex 4 and Air. Previously, I have worked with Flex 2 & 3. I have also worked with AS1 and AS2 in Flash. I have been working with Actionscript of one sort or another since 2003.

I am a highly capable developer who is both adaptable and able to use my own initiative. I cope well under pressure and have the ability to work alone or as part of a large team. I am a highly motivated individual who will always strive to achieve the highest standards.


·    Typescript, Javascript, HTML 5, Angular, RxJs, Node

·    IntelliJ IDEA / Flash Builder / Visual Studio / Visual Studio Code

·    AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime)

·    FlexUnit, Jasmine, Karma (Unit testing, Test Driven Development)

·    SQLite, XML, OO Design, Eclipse, SVN, Unix, perforce, grunt, git, svn

Work Experience

June 2012 - present

Lead Flex Developer

Morgan Stanley,

Canary Wharf

·    Implemented development tools in node including a development server with mocked services and a code validation tool to reduce errors on the CI build.

·    Took part in the development of a Typescript/HTML 5 application for dynamic form generation

·    Migrated projects from a Visual Studio build system to a web focussed build system based on grunt

·    introduced code quality (tslint) and coverage metrics into the continuous integration build

·    Migrated flash and flex applications to Typescript / HTML5.

·    Lead developer of a small team building an internal sales tracking and onboarding tool in flex

·    Developed browser based (Flash) and desktop based (AIR) versions of the application

·    Built an AIR based migration tool that reads in CSV files from a legacy system and then saves them to the database using the existing serverside interfaces

·    Applications developed using Parsley in a modular, reusable and easily maintainable way.

·    TDD and unit testing extensively used to reduce bugs and increase ease of maintenance

July 2009 - May 2012

Lead Flex Developer

HSBC, Canary Wharf

·    Led a team of flex developers working on a client facing application

·    Designed and implemented application architecture

·    Performed code reviews

·    Used lessons learnt on previous projects to build easily maintainable, modular application

·    Trained an existing flex team in Hong Kong how to skin applications and how to use unit testing, resource bundles and ANT

·    Used Parsley IOC framework

·    Developed custom components and custom Flex 4 skins

·    Worked with pre-release Flash Builder 4

·    Flex Unit 4


June 2008 – July 2009

Flex Developer

Adobe Consulting, London

·    Worked as part of a team of 30 flex developers on a high profile project for a world leading investment bank in London’s financial district.

·    Managed small groups of developers to ensure functionality was delivered on time and to requirements

·    Developed a number of complex custom components

·    Helped to make framework decisions and to design re-usable patterns for use throughout the project

·    Extensive use of TDD and Flex unit

·    Agile environment with Scrum, code reviews, pair programming and continuous integration

·    Use of flex profiler to ensure correct garbage collection and to fine tune performance.


May 2008

Flex Developer

Ogilvie Digital, London

·    Worked on a slideshow presentation project.

·    Developed an air application to edit presentation and save as an xml file

·    Developed a flex application to play the presentation from a USB drive at clients offices

·    Developed a template system to easily create a presentation and include text and images.


Mar 2008 – May 2008

Flex Developer

LMG, London

·    Worked as part of a team on an AIR application that queries a 4TB database and downloaded report data as SQLite databases

·     Wrote tests for FlexUnit writing tests for the report generation and display classes

·    Fixed bugs reported by testing team and implemented new features as requested by business users

Jan 2008 – Mar 2008

Flex Developer

Wunderman, London

·    Worked as part of a team on an online magazine for a high profile client

·    Worked closely with design mock-ups to produce visually impressive application

·    Developed numerous custom flex components

·    Initial 1 month contract extended to 6 weeks



Oct 2007 –Jan 2008

Flex Developer

Photobox, London

·    Worked as part of a team on a flex application to build and order products that incorporate customers photographs

·    Worked on internal tools to manage data and repair users creations

·    Maintained and improved existing code and added new features

·    Worked with eclipse, flex builder 3 plugin and svn



Jul 2007 – Oct 2007

Flex Developer

Verizon, Reading

Employed as a Flex expert resource for large multinational telecommunications company.

·    Developed front end for global reporting tools

·    Internal billing systems for clients

·    Tools to monitor customer credit

July 2007

Flex Developer

Leapfrog, Horley

Short term contract to complete a project which had been very poorly developed.  The project was in danger of missing its delivery date, however I was able to meet all the deadlines and milestones.

·    Improved the standard of code and finished the project

·    Resolved the development related issues

·    Initially a 2 day contract, extended to 7 days



Apr 2007 – June 2007

Flex Developer

Tequila, Soho

·    Using Flex and the Cairngorm framework working on an interactive photo browser and management tool for a major Campaign on behalf of Canon Europe.

·    Worked both as part of a team and on projects by myself

·    Initial contract for 2 months, extended to 3 months


Jan 2003 – Mar 2007

Lead Web Developer

Mixipix, Glasgow

·    Extensive use of Actionscript in a variety of public facing sites

·    Designed and implemented sites allowing users to download and customize animation to their mobile phones

·    Developed Flash and Flex applications to create and manage the cartoons that were available to the public


References available on request.
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