About Me

A Picture of Me
A picture of me driving round the Top Gear track.


As stated on my CV I originally went to vet school at university which a lot of people think is a bit odd given my current career. At school I was good at science and I've always loved animals so Vet School seemed like the obvious choice. I didn't stop to think about how much I enjoyed computers. I'd been playing computer games and using a computer for years but it didn't occur to me that computers were a possible career.
At third year in Vet School I started to experiment with building websites. When I failed third year and had to re-sit it I began to think about computers and web sites as a possible career. I decided to leave and finished third year getting a Bachelor of Animal Health. After Vet School I did a 1 year post grad course at Paisley University.


I live in Wimbledon with my fiancee and 2 cats. We enjoy going out for meals and watching films. We have a large DVD collection of about 300 titles and go to the cinema about once a week.
I still enjoy computer games when I have time and play them on my PC, Xbox 360 and Wii.
We both enjoy cars and own a BMW Z4M. When we go on holiday or have time off it usually involves driving round pretty bits of the countryside with our friends. We're members of a forum based car club that organise meets around the country. We've been on quite a few meets in Scotland, Wales, The Isle of Manand have also been to Switzerland and visited the Nurburgring on the way back.